Scholarship Endowment News Releases

Recent Releases

Athletics Announces Robert F. Thomas, Ebony Lifeline Support Group, Inc., Minority Athlete Scholarship...Dec. 5, 2018
Gary and Ginny Neville Scholarship to Benefit YSU Student-Athletes...Nov. 27, 2018
Yakubovic Memorial Scholarship To Benefit YSU Football Program...Nov. 20, 2018
Jim and Leighton Holmes Scholarship Endowment to Benefit YSU Student-Athletes...Nov. 7, 2018
Zwick Family Difference Maker Scholarship To Enhance Volleyball, Football Programs...Oct. 31, 2018
Former Men's Golfer Josh Zarlenga Endows Scholarship to Benefit Program...Oct. 24, 2018
Simerlink Family Scholarship Created Life-Long Mahoning Valley Residents...Oct. 17, 2018
Jon and Jennifer Arnold Scholarship to Enhance Athletics Scholarship Fund...Oct. 10, 2018
Scholarship Endowment to Honor Officer Justin A. Leo's Dedication to Duty, Serving Others...Oct. 4, 2018
Herb Williams Scholarship to Benefit Athletic Endowment Program...Sept. 26, 2018

Dan and Sharon Wathen Scholarship to Benefit Accounting Student-Athlete...Jan. 2, 2018
Three Former YSU Football Players Endow Scholarship to Honor Father...Dec. 12, 2017
Bob Carlson Endowment Honors Memory Of Former YSU Basketball Player...Dec. 6, 2017

Previous Releases

Former Penguin Jamaine Cook Creates Scholarship Endowment...Nov. 7, 2017
Hammond Family Valley Industrial Trucks Scholarship to Benefit Female Student-Athlete...Sept. 28, 2017
Mike And Janet Murray Endow Women's Basketball Scholarship
...June 14, 2017
Scholarship Endowment to Honor Former YSU Football Player Elliott Dunlap...June 1, 2017
YSU Honors Memory of James W. Leetch With Scholarship Endowment...May 22,2017
Stefko Endowment To Support YSU Baseball Student-Athlete...May 11, 2017
YSU Announces Creation of Dr. James and Mary Ann Tavolario Scholarship Endowment...April 12, 2017
Former Penguin Bob Korandovich Endows Athletic Scholarship...April 4, 2017
Nunzio S. Lombardozzi Scholarship Endowment To Recognize Equipment Staff Member...March 31, 2017
YSU Announces Creation of Rick and Joni Blase Scholarship Endowment...March 17, 2017
James. D. Briney Penguin Football Education Scholarship...Feb. 7, 2017
Northeast Ohio President’s Cup Scholarship Endowment Fosters Competition, Fund Raising...Jan. 18, 2017
Long-Time YSU Professor Dan Suchora Endows Athletic Scholarship
...Oct. 26, 2016
Wally Bell Memorial Scholarship to Honor Friend, True Professional...June 14, 2016
James and Barbara Sevenich Scholarship Endowment To Reward Work Ethic...June 1, 2016
Former Penguin Chris Adams Creates Scholarship Endowment...April 13, 2016
Former YSU Student-Athletes, Jeff and Kate Ryan, Endow Athletics Scholarship...March 31, 2016
YSU Announces John F. McCarthy, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment...Feb. 8, 2016
YSU Announces WYTV Athletics Scholarship...Dec. 16, 2015
YSU Announces The United Way Scholarship Endowment...Dec. 4, 2015
YSU Announces Creation of Louise Fiess Wolf Memorial Scholarship...Oct. 23, 2015
YSU Announces Creation of The Shipka Scholarship Endowment...Oct. 14, 2015
Schulick Family Scholarship Enhances Long-Time Relationship With YSU...Aug. 21, 2015
YSU Announces Creation of Dr. Frank J. Tarantine Scholarship...Aug. 14, 2015
Athletic Department Announces Jack and Peggy Pierson Scholarship Endowment...July 31, 2015
Michael A. LaRocca Scholarship Endowment To Be Awarded in 2015-16...May 26, 2015
YSU Announces Creation of Thomas Christopher Smthye Memorial Athletic Scholarship...March 3, 2015
Athletic Department Announces Mincey Family Scholarship Endowment...Jan. 14, 2015
Melanie and Maggie Sosnowski Memorial Scholarship Established...Jan. 21, 2014
James and Barbara Geller Scholarship Benefits Student-Athletes...Jan. 29, 2014
Bill Knecht III Athletic Scholarship Honors Memory of Alum, Long-Time Fan...Feb. 12, 2014
YSU to Award Golden Bear Scholarship In 2014-15...Feb. 19, 2014 
Feld Family Athletics Scholarship To Be Awarded in 2014-15...March 6, 2014
Boak & Sons, Inc., Scholarship To Be Awarded in 2014-15...March 25, 2014
William Wallace Watson Scholarship Honors Athletics, Education...April 16, 2014 
Farmers National Bank Continues Strong Relationship With Scholarship Endowment...June 23, 2014
Garry and Wanda Mrozek Scholarship Awarded For First Time in 2014-15...Sept. 23, 2014
Outpouring For Carmine L. Cassese Family Scholarship Endowment Overwhelming...Oct. 15, 2014
YSU Announces Creation of George E. Gasser Memorial Scholarship...Nov. 12, 2014
YSU Announces Guenther A. Hladiuk & Mary Ann Kessler Scholarship Endowment...Dec. 9, 2014 
The Charles and Dorothy Butler Scholarship Fund Added to Athletic Endowments...Feb. 23, 2012
Jack and Mary Kay McFadden Scholarship to Be Awarded...May 16, 2012
Don DeLorenzo Scholarship Added to Athletic Endowments...Oct. 25, 2012
Department Announces Creation of Debra L. Hinkle Athletic Scholarship...May 11, 2011
Dom's Ice House Scholarship Part of Athletic Endowments...June 14, 2011
State Farm Insurance Scholarship Part of Athletic Endowments...July 13, 2011
Ray Travaglini Scholarship is Endowment for Area Icon...August 15, 2011
Camardo Scholarship Endowment Honors Memory of Long-Time Fan...Sept. 1, 2011
Elliott L. Giles Scholarship To Be Awarded in 2012-13...Sept. 21, 2011
Joseph L. Nudo Scholarship Part of Athletic Endowments...Oct. 19, 2011
Heberling Memorial Football Scholarship Enhances Scholarship Fund...Nov. 28, 2011