Women's Football Clinic a Fun Event For All Involved

Coach Eric Wolford
Coach Eric Wolford

The third annual Youngstown State Women's Coaching Clinic was an evening featuring good fellowship, lots of fun, some learning about football and helped raise money for an important cause. About 100 female football fanatics turned out for the event which was held on Friday night at Stambaugh Stadium.

The evening started with Director of Football Operations welcoming the group and announced that the funds raised during the evening will be donated to the ALS Association chapter of Northern Ohio to help fight Lou Gehrig's disease. Kopp mentioned that six mothers of current YSU football players were in attendance.

YSU Head Football Coach Eric Wolford spoke to the group and thanked them for their participation in the event. He said the purpose of the evening was to give women a good idea of what football is all about and donate to a good cause. He said they are always welcome around the football program and said the most important thing to a coach is a balance between coaching and family life.

The first part of the evening was when current plays modeled various YSU equipment. YSU senior offensive tackle D.J. Main was in full pads while senior offensive guard Lamar Mady showed a shells look. Junior quarterback Kurt Hess modeled a YSU Under Armour travel suit while Torrian Pace showed off workout great and senior tight end Will Shaw showed off the compression gear.

Melinda Wolford, wife of Coach Wolford, then introduced coaches wives who were in attendance. She said her family has been loved since moving to Youngstown and they are very appreciative of that.

Offensive line coach Carmen Bricillo introduced the Coaching Staff in the Stadium Club before the group moved downstairs for some instruction.

The offensive staff went first.

Offensive Coordinator Shane Montgomery was the first presenter. He dissected film of what the offense looks for in certain situations and spoke about the units terminology.

Tight Ends Coach Mauro Monz showed some film on tight ends. He talked about blocked schemes and said the units goal is for knockotus, knock downs and pancakes. He discussed down blocking and and said the motto for his group is 10 yards back, or on his back.

Running Backs Coach Louie Matsakis showed a video of bag drills. Matsaksi talked about foot work and that the football is golden. He discussed the tempo drill, tight roping the sidelines, and ball security drills.

Wide Receivers Coach Andre Coleman talked about techniques that his group works on. He talked about the tap-tap-stick drill for their routes. He said the Penguins don't just catch the ball, they spend time on blocking well. He went through a blocking drill with a volunteer from the crowd and stressed keeping her hands inside so she wouldn't be called for holding.

Offensive line coach Carmen Bricillo picked two volunteers to demonstrate a combination block. After shoring videos of switch blocks, Bricillo grabbed the blocking pads and after a little footwork coaching, had his two volunteers hit the blocking shield he was holding.

After a brief break the defense did their presentations.

New Defensive Coordinator Joe Tresey show pursuit-drill and pass-drill videos. Tresey said he teaches his players that when they intercept a pass run to nearest sideline. He then showed individual drills video of back pedaling.

Cornerbacks Coach Glenn Davis talked about the work he does with his players. He did a little crowd participation asking the group to yell "Pride" when he yelled "Breakdown". He showed video on a Cover Two read drill. Davis said you have to stick your foot in the ground and go. Have to have great feet to be a cornerback.

Inside Linebackers Coach Frank Buffano showed videos of the Mike, Will and Sam positions and some of the practice drills they do. Buffano said they play down hill and want to stay inside out as a linebacker.

Outside Linebackers Coach Stoops said the group has to be versatile being able to handle running plays and covering the pass. He emphasized playing in space and staying low. Stoops grabbed a volunteer from the crowd and talked about positioning. He showed the proper angles today and that players go at 45-degree angles.

Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Line Coach Tom Sims picked 10 participants from the audience. He had five offensive linemen, a quarterback and four defensive linemen. He had the crowd laughing when he told Molly Morrone, wife of YSU athletic business manager Matt Morrone, that she was to play at 6-feet-4, 360 pounds. He said the job of his group is to affectionately kill the quarterback. He said when the ball moves, attack and make the walls fall down around them. His defensive-line participants rose to the occasion sacking the quarterback and stealing the football.

Before heading back upstairs to conclude the event, the ladies were given an inside look at the football locker room.

Raffle prizes for the event included Buena Vista gift cards, Quench gift card, Belleria gift card, Rotelli gift card, Inner Circle gift card, Upstairs gift card, Springfield Grille gift card and Panera gift card. Baskets from the event included a salon surprise and one from Lariccias. Various jewelry items were also part of the raffle. Eagle Wear of Hubbard provided shirts for all the events.