Fourth Annual Football Women's Coaching Clinic a Fun Evening

Coach Eric Wolford
Coach Eric Wolford

The Youngstown State football coaches held a fun-filled Football Women's Coaching Clinic on Friday evening at Stambaugh Stadium. The evening featured good food, a facility tour and a look inside the coaching dynamics of the Penguins. A group of nearly 100 turned out to be part of the event.

All the proceeds from the fourth annual YSU Football Women's Coaching Clinic, benefit the Youngstown Purple Cat, an organization that is a creative day program for adults with disabilities. Its primary focus is on teaching daily living skills, fostering independence and providing a creative environment for our individuals to reach their personal goals.

Following a brief welcome in the DeBartolo Stadium Club, current Youngstown State players took time to show off the equipment a football athlete wears. Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Dylan Colucci was dressed in full game gear, junior tight end Nate Adams was clad in travel attire, senior tailback Torrian Pace donned the Guins' workout gear while senior quarterback Kurt Hess was recognized for his cool-down look.

Dr. Melinda Wolford, wife of head coach Eric Wolford, introduced the coaching staff's wives who were in attendance. Those who were in attendance were Patricia Tresey, Bonnie Stoops, Traci Cochran and Rene Sims.

After a brief Q&A, highlighted by Coach Wolford joking with Coach Joe Tresey's wife if he yelled in his sleep or not, the group moved downstairs to tour the YSU locker room, athletic training room and other areas of the stadium.

Then the group went over to the WATTS to see the facility. A large portion went with the entire staff over the building to get a first-hand look and all were impressed. All in attendance had questions for the coaching staff and each Penguin coach raved about the impact the facility has had on the program.

The group reconvened in the football classroom's in Stambaugh Stadium for the final portion of the evening. Melinda Wolford announced various raffle winners, which included baskets, jewelry, a cooler and much more.

Offensive Coordinator Shane Montgomery spent time showing offensive video. Montgomery touched on signals from the sidelines, personnel descriptions, formation types and the numbering system that helps define YSU's playbook. He got a good laugh from the crowd each time he imitated the Guins' sideline signals.

Defensive Coordinator Joe Tresey showed practice from this spring and took some jeers from the offensive staff.  Tresey discussed personnel, alignment, positioning and techniques his players have used this spring to have success.

The night concluded with various raffle prizes from local sponsors and all went home with some good memories and hopefully a better understanding of YSU football.