Pelini Proudly Takes Over Youngstown State Football Program

Bo Pelini took over the YSU football program on Wednesday (Photo by Ron Stevens)
Bo Pelini took over the YSU football program on Wednesday (Photo by Ron Stevens)

Head Football Coach Bo Pelini officially took over the Youngstown State football program on Wednesday and spoke with the area media for about 30 minutes in Stambaugh Stadium.

Pelini, a Youngstown native, talked about his close ties to the Mahoning Valley, how growing up in Youngstown helped him have success in his coaching career, the impact that the people in this are will have on the program and much more.

Ultimately he said the goal of everyone should be to make this this best football program in the country, but that developing players who are prepared to have success in life is his top priority.

Here are some highlights from his 30-minute Q&A with the Youngstown area media: 

"There were a lot of things being thrown at me and a lot of things we had to take under consideration, but where I wanted to work, where we wanted to live and I knew when this job was open it, Youngstown was very appealing to me. Because of family, because of friends. Because it's a great place for my kids. Obviously my wife and I are both from here so it was something that was very appealing to me."

"I want to fill this place up and get people excited about Youngstown State football again. The thing that's great about bringing my family back here is the people. Success and great things first start with people."

"Putting Head Coach in front of my name isn't going to win us football games. I guarantee a lot of hard work will lead to that happening, putting a great staff together, but it's only going to happen if we get everybody in this Valley back to being excited about Youngstown State football and getting behind the program. We need to become a team. Everybody needs to get involved. If we give them something special to talk about. We play a certain way, we lead our program with high standards, we hold the kids to high standards, that will fall right in line with what the people here want to see and the type of football they want to see."

"First and foremost, you all have seen me on the sideline, I want to win. I'm going to be passionate about how I go about my business. I'm going to coach kids hard. I'm going to work hard."

"I love to coach football. I love to serve kids that I coach. I believe that I have a great situation here. I have a tremendous Athletic Director. A president who understands football who's going to support me. I have a great administration and a community that I believe in wholeheartedly. That sets up a great environment for me to work in. A great environment for my family to live in and a great place to call home."

"Success is a process. I'm not worried about the end product right now. There's a lot of work that needs to be done as doing the things day to day. If you earn, the wins will come, but you've got to earn it everyday. When these young men come back they better be willing to roll up their sleeves and go to work because that's what's going to be required. You pay the price, good things will happen."