Penguins Set to Compete at Jesse Ownes Track Classic

Jaliyah Elliott
Jaliyah Elliott

The Youngstown State men's and women's track and field teams will be in action on Friday and Saturday at the Jesse Owens Track Classic hosted by Ohio State at Jesse Owens Stadium in Columbus.

On Friday, the hammer throw and javelin take place at 2 p.m. while the running events for the day - the 5,000m and the 1,500m - start at 6:30 p.m. Field Events on Saturday begin at 10:30 a.m. while the running events are set to be held from Noon to 5 p.m.

The bulk of the Penguins' squad will be in action at the two-day event. The men have multilpe competitors in 16 events while the women are scheduled to have multiple competitors in 14 events. 

YSU's lineup features three returning Jesse Owens Track Classic Champs from 2017. At last year's event, Collin Harden won the 400m dash, Chad Zallow won the 110m hurldes and Jaliyah Elliott won the 100m dash. Penguin high jumper Abby Jones took second, but she is coming off a career-best and school-record mark of 1.75m set last week at the Westminster Invitational.

Events (YSU Participants)

Hammer Throw - Reshanna Simon, Jaynee Corbett, Nicolette Kreatsoulas
Shot Put - Jaynee CorbettKaitlyn Merwin
Discus - Kaitlyn Merwin, Alyssa Wright, Jaynee Corbett, Nicolette Kreatsoulas
Javelin - Coreen Crosby, Angela Lock
Long Jump - Chandler Killins, Jessica Stever
High Jump - Abby Jones, Kira Neef
Triple Jump - Chandler Killins
Pole Vault - Rachel Hart, Denise Machamer, Shelby Marken, Katlyn Griffie, Caitlyn Trebella
4x100m Relay, 4x400m Relay
100m Hurdles - Amber Eles 
400m Hurdles - Amber Eles, Lakneesha Matthews
100m - Taylor Thompkins, Jaliyah Elliott, Keishawnna Burts, Antonella LaMonica, Azya McLin
200m - Keishawnna Burts, Iva Domitrovich, Jaliyah Elliott, Antonella LaMonica, Azya McLin, Teneisha Myers, Taylor Thompkins
400m - Iva Domitrovich, Teneisha Myers
800m - Nicole Squatrito, Natalie Fleming, Raquel Markulin
1,500m - Nicole Squatrito, McKinsie Klim, Natalie Fleming, Jennifer Muhlenkamp
Steeplechase - Morgan Buckley
5,000m - McKinsie Klim, Michelle Klim, Morgan Buckley, Ashleigh Rowley

Hammer Throw - Andrew Hallof, Joe Pfeffer, Matt Monroe
Javelin - Ben Wilson, Tyler Donati, Jake Wilson
Discus - Joe Pfeffer, Matt Monroe, Andrew Hallof, Dom Westbay, Ryan Booth
Shot Put - Ryan Booth, Brandon Orlando, Dom Westbay
Long Jump - Tim Holzapfel, Daiquain Watson
High Jump - Tim Holzapfel, Arnaldo Morales
Triple Jump - Daiquain Watson
Pole Vault - Brock Wooten, Tim Holzapfel, Dylan Latone
4x100m Relay, 4x400m Relay
100m - Carl Zallow, Brendon Lucas, Josh Beaumont, Brandon Mosley
200m - Josh Beaumont, Brendon Lucas, Brandon Mosley, Carl Zallow, Chad Zallow
400m - Collin Harden, Pierlus Stewart, Glen Knowles
800m - Sean Peterson, Dylan Dombi
110m Hurdles - Chad Zallow, Caleb Lloyd, Collin Harden, Myron Anderson
400m Hurldes - Collin Harden, Caleb Lloyd, Myron Anderson
1,500m - Alan Burns, Sean Peterson, Derek Morrison, Cole Lovett
Steeplechase - Derek Morrison, James Nedrich, Alan Burns, Ethan Wilson
5,000m - Ryan Sullivan, Dylan Dombi, Ethan Wilson, James Nedrich, Tyler Polman