Burak Wins Flight A Singles at St. Bonaventure Fall Classic

Marta Burak
Marta Burak

Olean, N.Y. -- Youngstown State sophomore Marta Burak opened her season with a strong performance downing teammate Margarita Sadovnikova in the finals of Flight A Singles at the St. Bonaventure Fall Classic that concluded on Sunday.

For the event, YSU won 14 singles matches and had four players reach the finals.

On Sunday morning, Burak defeated Sadovnikova 8-3 in the Flight A Championship match. Burak won her first two matches of the tournament by 8-4 scores while Sadovnikova won 8-4 and 8-5.

In Flight B, newcomer Annina Brendel reached the finals match. Brendel won her first two matches by scores of 8-0 and 8-2. In the finals, she lost to Abby McCormick of IUP, 8-6.

In Flight C, Carolyn Jesko advanced to the finals before falling. Jesko won her opening match 8-6 before beating teammate Gimena Puppo 8-5. Puppo had won two matches before falling to Jesko in the semifinals. Jesko dropped an 8-3 decision to IUP's Alanna McFail in the flight title match.

Flight A Results
Burak (YSU) def. Ta (Niagara) - 8-4
Burak (YSU) def. Amiri (SBU) - 8-4
Sadovnikova (YSU) def. Eaton (IUP) - 8-4
Sadovnikova (YSU) def. Brossard (SBU) - 8-5
Burak (YSU) def. Sadovnikova (YSU) - 8-3

Flight B Results
Brendel (YSU) def. Cole (SBU) - 8-0
Brendel (YSU) def. Osbourne (IUP) - 8-2
McCormick (IUP) def. Brendel (YSU) - 8-6
McCormick (IUP) def. Hankle (YSU) - 8-1
Hankle (YSU) def. Sardellitti (Niagara) - 8-1
Celan (Niagara) def. Hankle (YSU) - 8-6

Flight C Results
Jesko (YSU) def. Archer (SBU) - 8-6
McFail (IUP) def. Raicevic (YSU) - 9-7
Puppo (YSU) def. Schnass (IUP) - 9-8 (4)
Puppo (YSU) def. McCune (Niagara) - 8-1
Jesko (YSU) def. Puppo - 8-5
McFail (IUP) def. Jesko (YSU) - 8-3

Flight C Consolation
Raicevic (YSU) def. Zilka (Niagara) - 8-3
Raicevic (YSU) def. Archer (SBU) - 8-6
Mahto (IUP) def. Puppo (YSU) - 8-5

Doubles Results
Burak/Sadovnikova (YSU) def. Hansen/Ta (Niagara) - 8-4
Burak/Sadovnikova (YSU) def. Osborne/Timko (IUP) - 8-3
Burak/Sadovnikova (YSU) def. Brossard/Amiri (SBU) - 9-7

Hankle/Brendel (YSU) def. Celan/Sardellitini (Niagara) - 8-3
Eaton/Schnaas (IUP) def. Hankle/Brendel (YSU) - 8-3
Hankle/Brendel (YSU) def. Cole/Kvas (SBU) - 8-2

McMormick/McFail (IUP) def. Mahto (IUP)/Puppo (YSU) - 8-4
Raicevic/Jesko (YSU) def. Zilka/McCune (Niagara) - 8-1
Mahto (IUP)/Puppo (YSU) def. Zilka/McCune (Niagara) - 8-3
Raicevic/Jesko (YSU) def. McMormick/McFail (IUP) - 9-7
Raicevic/Jesko (YSU) def. Mahto (IUP)/Cochran (Niagara) - 8-4